Command Line Basics#

Hello Terminal!#

Exercise 1

  1. Print your name to the terminal.

  2. Clear your terminal after completing #1.

Creation and Inspection#

Exercise 3

  1. Create a new directory called workbench in your home directory.

  2. Without changing directories create a file called readme.txt inside of workbench.

  3. Append the numbers 1, 2, and 3 to readme.txt so that each number appears on it’s own line.

  4. Print readme.txt to the command line.

  5. Use output redirection to create a new file in the workbench directory called list.txt which lists the files and folders in your home directory.

  6. Find out how many characters are in list.txt without opening the file or printing it to the command line.

Migration and Destruction#

Exercise 4

  1. Create a file called message.txt in your home directory and move it into another directory.

  2. Copy the message.txt you just moved into your home directory.

  3. Delete both copies of message.txt. Try to do this without using rm.